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Energy/Light Worker | Certified Sound Practitioner, Reiki Master.

I'm Meg. I am a Certified Sound Practitioner and Reiki Master, Breathwork and in Reflexology. I am continuing to grow and eager to learn new tools and techniques to share with you for Everyday life. I have been on my Spiritual Journey since I can remember, (I am a Sag). January of 2020 after learning of a terminal illness (that is under control) escalated my journey. I dove deep into why and how I got to where I got and it took a lot of internal reflection and work. I have lived the most beautiful “shadow life” and would not take my past experiences from me. – I am a Warrior Healer.
I have learned so much over the past couple years and I want to share all my Love and Light I can possibly give. Let me help by getting you reconnected with Who you Truly Are by holding space for you to learn and practice new techniques that can help you with your day-to-day life. When we are aligned, our choices are aligned. Let’s Start Making Magic Together!

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11394 New Bern Wy
South Jordan, Salt Lake County 84009

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